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Blouin Steel Fabricators, Inc.

Aluminum Welding and Metal Fabrication

Blouin Steel Fabricators, Inc. offers specialty aluminum welding services along with aluminum fabrication services to produce the right results for our customers. Contract aluminum welding is performed by our highly skilled metal fabricators. Our stable work force has many man-years of experience welding standard metals, as well as more specialty materials like aluminum and carbon steel. We also do TIG welding, MIG welding, with shearing and bending capabilities ¼” X 8-0., 3/16”X10’. Aluminum conducts heat well and also has a low melting temperature, making it difficult to weld. Blouin’s experience and latest equipment allows us to weld all thicknesses and shapes of aluminum.



Water & Wastewater Treatment Facility Fabrication

Blouin Steel specializes in structural fabrication of water and waste water treatment plants.

Our staff of professional engineers has a wealth of experience in designing waste water and water treatment structural components, from Architectural Railing, Hand Rails, Custom Stairs, platforms, mezzanines, framing, grating to cover plates and can provide customers with design services for projects fabricated in-house by Blouin.

Our facilities are staffed and equipped to rapidly fabricate a wide variety of metals from aluminum, alloys, to steel, enabling Blouin to reduce delivery times and accommodate short contract schedules.


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